Technology at Bailey’s Upper ES.


Students at Bailey’s Upper have access to technology at any time during the school day when it is appropriate for their learning. We are very fortunate to have so much technology available to our students. Teachers continue to create lessons that use technology in ways that work to ensure all students reach our portrait of a graduate standards (Creative and Critical thinker, Collaborator, Communicator, Ethical and Global citizen, and a Goal Direct and Resilient Individual)



  • All of our 3rd -5th grade students are in a 1:1 laptop learning environment during the school day.
  • Our Music Tech Room, Library, and Advanced Academics Resource Room all have their own class set of laptops to use with students.


  • The 5th grade students will be able to take their iPad Mini home after the 1st quarter of school so students can continue their learning through the iPad at home. More information on the 1:1 iPad program can be found HERE.
  • The Art department has one set of 25 ipad mini’s to share.
  • The Music classroom that does not have the class set of laptops has a new set of class iPads to use everyday.
  • The ESOL department has 10 ipad mini’s
  • The Special Education Department has 10 iPad mini’s and 10 iPad 2’s
  • Mobile Cart of 32 iPad Mini’s is available for any classroom or specialist teacher to sign out and use with their students

Interactive Projectors

  • All classrooms have an interactive projector: Teachers can project lessons for students to view and interact with. The projection displays on the wall where students are are to click and drag to manipulate items to enhance and demonstrate their learning in a meaningful way

Document Cameras

  • All classrooms have a document camera which allows teachers to share live examples for students to view, share students samples and demonstrate experiments or ways to use manipulates through this live camera.

Apple TV

  • All 5th grade classroom and the technology room and the music room with iPad mini’s have an Apple TV which enables teachers to project the ipad with the interactive projector. Other students can also project their ipads to share their lesson and project creations with their classmates and teacher.

Links to FCPS Technology Information that applies at Bailey’s Upper:

G Suite for Education - FCPS G Suite for Education (GSE) is an integrated communication and collaboration solution, hosted by Google and managed by FCPS. G Suite was formerly known as Google Apps for Education.

Bring your Own Device (BYOD)

Technology@Home - This program enables FCPS students and staff to purchase technology products at discount rates