School Innovation & Improvement Plan

Our SIIP goals for this academic school year.

School Innovation and Improvement Plan At-a-Glance

  • 2019-2020

  • Bailey's Upper Elementary School

  • Region 2

  • Marie Lemmon, Principal

End of Year SMARTR Outcome

By June 2020, the number of disciplinary referrals for disruption, disrespect, and defiance will decrease by 10%, as measured by referral slips.

Strategy 1  

Teachers will learn and implement strategies to support students who have experienced trauma on social emotional coping skills.

Strategy 2 

Specialists will adopt classroom management routines and expectations as aligned with the school-wide commitment to Responsive Classroom.

End of Year SMARTR Outcome

By June 2020, 100% of students will have access, opportunity, and growth in Portrait of a Graduate skills, as measured by the POG Communicator rubrics given at BOY, MOY, and EOY. 

  • Students scoring between 15 - 17 total points will increase at least 2 points 

  • Students scoring between 18 - 20 will at least maintain their overall score 

  • All other students (scoring between 0-14 points) will increase at least three points or move to the next level on the rubric:

          0-5           emerging

          6-10        developing

          11-15      proficient

          16- 20     exemplary

Strategy 1

Staff will select three thinking routines (Thinking Routines Matrix) to practice and embed in lessons throughout the school year. 

Strategy 2

Teachers will participate in a variety of CETA courses and implement strategies based on current knowledge.

Strategy 3

Teachers will provide time for reflection to explicitly connect POG skills with lesson/activity.

End of Year SMARTR Outcome

By June 2020, the percent of students passing the Standards of Learning assessments will meet or exceed an unadjusted rate of 45% and combined rate of 92%.

Strategy 1

Implementation of strategies during LA workshop that support student independence in effective communication skills including reading, writing, and oracy. 

Strategy 2

General Education and Special education teachers will use and monitor effectiveness of research-based multi-tiered strategies aligned with students’ needs to build momentum and increase persistence to overcome academic and personal barriers to meet goals.